Tabea Gerhardt, born in the suburbs of Korntal, Germany, was immersed in both religious and bohemian communities, surrounded by examples of the powerful feminine, she spent her childhood exploring the forests and making campfires.
Her world filled with the music from her father’s vinyl collection; she fell in love with the sounds of The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Django Reinhart and Fleetwood Mac. Coupled with the influence of her artist mother’s love of Latin music, the likes of Manu Chao, Mana and the Gypsy Kings also made up the tapestry of sounds that furnished her childhood home.
Her love of singing was born in these early years and she vividly remembers singing on stage alone for the first time at the age of nine during a school concert. She remembers being asked if she would be nervous to perform and then that as she stepped on stage and felt the light on her face, all she felt was joy.
“I always loved singing, as it is the only way for me to put every little emotion into a moment and into people’s hearts.”
Her musical journey began here and was encouraged by her father who would take her to church assemblies to sing and her mother who introduced piano lessons. She later took on formal voice training and taught herself guitar.
A love of language inspired Tabea to become fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese which lead her to travel across the world learning from and playing with different cultures. She spent a year in Tunisia and lived for three years in Spain, the immersion in these communities has informed enriched her song writing. As her name was hard to pronounce fort he locals they called her „aunt beya“, in tunisian „Tata Beya“.  
 Currently living in Tübingen, Germany, Tabea is writing songs and roaming forests while preparing to release her two forthcoming Ep’s. Her sophomore solo work ‘Integrity’ and her ground breaking session Ep ‘High Hopes’ which was made over the course of two days in collaboration with an inspired group of musicians.
 Tabea’s journey is that of an artist, brave and daring whose songs call us home to our deepest desires and to the pursuit of love.